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Our main objective is to offer you, our customer, a special service, with quality and excellence. For the success of this partnership, we must transparently clarify some important points, which will be mentioned below:


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  • All merchandise is photographed
  • All merchandise is separated by model
  • All merchandise is separated by color
  • All merchandise is weighed and checked in all departments of the production process.

Rhodium and black rhodium coating

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We do not outsource our coating, our coating is made entirely within the company. The point count is made at the junction of four micro zirconia, that is, 1 point is equivalent to 4 micro zirconia together.

Gold quotation

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We always follow the daily quotation

Shipping methods

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The shipment of the merchandise is always defined by the customer.

Post office / Transporter Azul Cargo / Free delivery to the city of Limeira.

Attention to this note

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The guarantee that you will have a product with excellent quality and beauty does not only depend on the plating, but also on the quality of the raw material. Therefore, choose your raw merchandise well. Avoid merchandise with:

Excess welding;
Dirt in the raw material;
Excess plaster;
Lack of stones.
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