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Gold Plating

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Gold plating layers transform the metal into jewelry or semi-jewels, depending on the choice of thousandths chosen by the customer.

Rose Gold, also known as pink gold, or red gold, is an alloy of gold and copper. A common alloy composition for rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper, constituting rose gold. There is no "pure" rose gold, the more copper, the more intense and stronger the "pink" color will be.

The gold plated has a wide range of colors. Currently, FC Joias offers 04 options:

Riviera; Quebec; Mont Blanc; Viena.

Banho em ouro, Riviera


Also known as rose gold, the plating in Riviera is one of the most popular platings, both in the world of jewelry and other items and accessories, such as iPhones and watches, for example. In addition to the noble and refined coloring, what highlights the Riviera plating is the modernity present in its color composition.


For those who like classic colors and traditional designs, the Quebec plating is the one. Its golden coloration can be compared to 18k gold, and is often worn in wedding rings, manifesting the richness of gold in its most affectionate form. Banho em ouro, Quebec

Mont Blanc

With a straw yellow coloration, the Mont Blanc gold plating gives a light and smooth appearance to the pieces, transmitting lightness and elegance regardless of the look, matching any item in your wardrobe. Banho em ouro, Mont Blanc

Banho em ouro, Viena


The Viena plating is one of the most stylish and esteemed platings on the market. Its appearance is similar to the Quebec plating, except that it is a little darker. The Viena plating is a great investment, for in addition to providing a fine and graceful appearance, it is one of those products that go well with any type of clothing.

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