Rhodium plating

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Rhodium plating

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Rhodium plating has been widely applied to semi-jewels with the objective of granting greater durability to the pieces. Rhodium (RH) is a metal in the platinum family.

Rhodium plating coats the metal with a protective layer, making it more resistant to stains and scratches. In addition, it is very shiny, and this quality has an important aesthetic value, since the jewelry (or semi-jewel) is much more beautiful when going through this plating. Brightness and resistance are two commonly used adjectives for Rhodium.

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Rhodium Plating Applications

Rhodium plating can be done galvanically all over a piece of jewelry or specific parts using a pen coating system called Rhodium Application.

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Where is Rhodium found in nature?

The earth’s crust contains only 0.001 ppm*, or 0.0000001% of rhodium. Rhodium is mainly found in nature in its pure form, always consists of a stable isotope (103Rh) and will always be found with other platinum group metals. Minerals that contain rhodium include cuprorhodsite, cherepanovite, polkanovite and myassite. The largest mines are in South Africa and the Ural Mountains, and both are platinum group mines. Other deposits are found in South America. In Canada, it is found in nickel minerals.

*ppm - part per million

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